12 person weird body structure

People do not have similar physical structure. There is difference in their look body structure and this difference is the rule of nature. But there are those types of persons in the world whose physical structure is very uncommon. Some are from the birth and some due t the defect through various diseases. Here are these kind of people which have really uncommon physical structure.
Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia– It is a disorder that features the replacement of multiple areas of the bone by fibrous tissue, which may cause deformity of the legs, arms and may cause features.
Local gigantism– It is also known as macrodactyly which specially is the problem seen in fingers of hand and legs. This child is from china who has this problem.
Snake tongue– American teenager Lewis Edirana is the woman who has world’s longest tongue. Her tongue is 4 inch long. She can touch her eyes by her tongue.
Ambras syndrome– In this syndrome the body get covered with hair. This is picture of Supatra Sasuphan who has this syndrome .
Polydactylism– This is hereditary problem of having more number of fingers.These two boys in the pictures are only two human in the world who have 25 finger counting both legs and hand.
Big mouth- Francisco Domingo from Angola is a person who have world biggest mouth. He can keep a can of cocacola inside his mouth.
Bulging eyes– How does it look with the bulging eyeball? American women Kim Goodman can bring her eye balls out. She is the only one woman in this world who can bring her eye ball out upto 12 mm.
Blue body– Paul Carson of America has blue skin colour. His body turned into this color due to the intake of silver capsules for a skin condition. He is known as papa murf
Big breast– Anny Hawkins is the only woman in the world who have really big breast. Her breast weight 56 pound. She use bra of 102ZZZ shaped bra.
Tree like body– Epidermodysplasia verruciformis named diseases can cause this. This is also called tree man diseases.
Horn in forehead- Jhang Rui Fang, Chinese woman has a horn in her forehead. That horn started to grow in her forehead from 2009 and is now 2,4 inch long.
Microdactyly– Leu Hui Chang from china is suffering from this disorder. His right leg has increase in sized becoming of 17 inch and still growing.